Sustainable websites with little footprint & big impact

LittleBigThings creates fast and delightful websites 
with care for the environment & our privacy.

LittleBigThings has built

  • a membership site for the citizen science project at the University of Antwerp, designed by Studio Maria
  • a membership site for the Belgian Society for Microbiology to organise events for members and other microbiologists and scientists
  • a tiny blog about the impact of the internet on climate change and how to build sustainable websites
  • (coming soon)

With LittleBigThings I work on changing things. The sites I build are minimal
in the amount of data that is needed for a web page to load.
They respect visitors by using privacy-friendly analytics. I plant a tree for each new site.
I write about web design and contribute to WordPress and to other climate movements.
I minimise LittleBigThings’ environmental impact by planting trees.

LittleBigThings – Sustainable web design & development by Csaba Varszegi
Cogelslei 10, 2640 Mortsel